We operate in that area

Contract Law

Preparation and analysis of contracts in general, such as: format mercantile contracts, repurchase instruments, contracts for service and purchase and sale contracts, sponsorship, advertising, technology transfer, lease, confidentiality agreements and not to compete, terms of use of Internet services and tools related to electronic commerce, among others.

Corporate Law

Incorporation of companies, changes in the social contract; shareholders agreements; legal support in mergers, demergers and mergers of public and commercial performing "due diligence"; reorganization and corporate planning aiming tax advantages, asset security and control between previous definition heirs in case of succession.

Procedural Law

Civil and Commercial Litigation - Sponsor of the interests of individuals and businesses in lawsuits of any kind, such as shares of dissolution, shares of accountability, foreclosures, bankruptcies, bankruptcies, precautionary measures, possessory actions, adverse possession actions, eviction, dispossession actions, and also all those claiming the Consumer Law, Copyright Law, Environmental Law, condominiums and developments, subdivisions, franchising, banking agreements, securities loans and factoring.

Tax Law

Administrative and judicial litigation: Preparation of defenses and resources administrative processes at the federal, state and local and lawsuits, among which stand out the Tax Foreclosures, tax audits to identify untapped tax credits, recovery of unduly paid taxes .

Real Estate Law

Development of real estate contracts, such as real estate, contract, lease, rental, sale, donation, exchange, intimidation, lending; Incorporation of companies with the aim of enabling real estate (unincorporated joint participation) and structuring these projects (mergers, subdivisions and condominiums).

Labor Law

Labor disputes, such as sponsorship of corporate interests in such proceedings; preventive labor consultancy, aiming to reduce the number of grievances and guide hiring employees, more safely.

Credit Recovery

Court procedures, to promote the satisfaction of outstanding claims; notifications, drafting instruments acknowledgment of debt, bail, surety on bonds.

Family Law and Succession

Succession planning and legal procedures, such as inventories, inventories, wills, requesting permits, separations and divorces.

Commercial and Consumer Law

Commercial legal advice in matters involving the various institutes of Commercial and Consumer Law, such as: Credit Securities, Representation and Commercial Concession, Distribution, Franchising, Leasing, Factoring etc..

Administrative Law

Expertise in processes and audits Audit Courts, as well as analysis and suitability legal, economic and tax notices of public tenders and bids.