Tha law firm founded more than a decade, serving small, medium and large and individuals.
Besides his great specialty, consistent advisory and contentious areas in the right administrative areas also operates corporate, civil, tax and labor, especially by planning and corporate and tax consultancy.
The work is guided by the ethics and excellence, with unique and personalized service for each client.
It has headquarters in the city of Barueri in Alphaville and a widespread network of correspondents throughout Brazil and in major world capitals.
It has a full team of talented attorneys in each practice area, taking advantage is still renowned consultants and partnerships with other law firms.
Our office also has a team that specializes in judicial and extrajudicial collection, with big hits swiftly.
Another highlight is his performance in processes and audits Audit Courts, as well as analysis and adequacy legal, economic and tax notices of public tenders and bids.
Our difference is the personal service to each client with preventive work and speed in desired goals.